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To England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, LUXEMBOURG, AUSTRIA, GERMANY

Our company deals with parcel delivery, removals, delivery of company goods mainly to England, but we also deliver to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Our goal is to satisfy your needs to the maximum, so with our moderate prices and experienced colleagues, we are at your disposal at any time if you are also looking for a reliable door-to-door service! If you have any questions or specific requests, we are waiting for your inquiry by phone, e-mail or Facebook, we listen to you on all channels! The cars we see in the video are part of our fleet of machines. departure dates

Upcoming departure times

Our flights currently run every 12 days from Hungary via Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium to England. Additional departure times PARCEL DELIVERY Our flights depart every 12 days from Hungary via Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands to England.ORDERREMOVALS From England, Scotland, Ireland. With many years of experience behind it, our company has now become almost england-Hungary and Hungary-england one of the most dominant moving companies. ORDERDelivery of palletized company goods to Angola and other European countriesFind us Previous Next

Fees for our parcel delivery

Package weight Package volume maximum Price of delivery (Gross)
1-5 kg Jun. Available from 19th 0.04 m3, e.g.: 20 X 20 X 30cm 8.500 HUF
from 5 to 10 kg 0.08 m3, e.g.: 50 X 40 X 40cm 11.900 HUF
10-25 kg 0.14 m3, e.g.: 70 X 50 X 40cm 14.900 HUF
up to 25-37 kg 0.21 m3, e.g.: 70 X 60 X 50cm 21.900 HUF
37-50 kg 0.28 m3, e.g.: 100 X 70 X 40cm 27.900 HUF
50-62 kg 0.35 m3, e.g.: 100 X 70 X 50cm 34.900 HUF
62-75 kg 0.42 m3, e.g.: 100 X 70 X 60cm 39.900 HUF
75-87 kg 0.56 m3, e.g.: 100 X 80 X 70cm 43.900 HUF
up to 87-100kg 0.72 m3, e.g.: 100 X 80 X 90cm 50.900 HUF
Our shipping price is determined based on the total weight and volume of the shipment.In the case of multiple packages (boxes, bags, or any shipments), the weight and volume are also added together. It is not the length of the sides of the shipment that matters, but its volume, the amount of space taken from the cargo space of our car. Customs clearance fee: 2.900 HUF up to 5 parcels, each additional parcel checked in is +700 HUF/piece. Customs clearance fee for removals: HUF 22,000 (you can access the documents confirming the removal in the conditions menu item) Bicycle transport: 20.000 HUF (handlebars turned on the plane of the frame) Bicycle transport with non-flat handlebars: 25.000 HUF In case of moving, larger weight, volume of shipments, special size items, we calculate an individual price offer . The delivery price in this case is proportional to the price per 100 kg. In the case of a package returned from the same address upon delivery , we will give you a 1.500 HUF discount from the shipping fee. ORDER Parcel delivery ENGLAND AUSTRIA GERMANY LUXEMBOURG BELGIUM NETHERLANDS England Netherlands Germany Hungary

We can deliver to and from the colored areas shown on the maps.

We deliver to a large area of England, which is marked in green and yellow in the first photo. We can deliver to the area marked in green at the basic price, and to the part marked with yellow at an additional cost. We can also deliver to and from the central zone of London (marked with a red dot) for an additional fee. To list all the settlements would be impossible. If you are not sure if the city you are interested in is in our delivery area, you can inquire at one of our contact details! Major cities in the basic price area are, but are not limited to: Dover, Ashford, Maidstone, Gravesend, LONDON (except central zone), Southend-on-Sea, Chelmsford, Luton, Ipswich, Cambridge, Northampton, Peterborough, Leicester, Corby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, Bradford, York, Preston, Liverpool, St. Helens, Warrington, Manchester, Stoke-On-Trent, Birmingham, Oxford, Reading, Guildford, Crawley, Swindon, Gloucester, Bristol, Bath, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, Brighton… Major cities can be undertaken for an additional fee, also without claiming completeness: Norwich, Weymouth, Yeovil, Weston-super-Mare, Cardiff, Newport, Hereford, Wrexham, Malton, Scarborough, London centre… Removals SCOTLAND IRELAND ENGLAND

We can undertake removals from all countries of Europe to all countries.